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Molino di Ferro is equipped with an internal Quality Control Laboratory to ensure the compliance with food safety parameters, according to a strict self-control plan, controlling first semifinished products and finally, in order to validate the effectiveness of the system, ensuring that the finished products comply entirely with health regulations.

The Laboratory constantly performs internal testing to evaluate the presence of mycotoxins, allergens and gluten in particular, also operates a prevention against weed infestation, weekly monitoring infestation parameters in order to prevent possible biological and microbiological contamination.

The cleanliness of environments (and staff) are verified to prevent any bacterial contamination.
The internal Laboratory plays an important technology-quality support to the various production processes by providing systematic rheological tests (in particular to monitor the behavior of flour dough) controlling flour, humidity, organoleptic tests for each product.

Personnel working in the laboratory interfaces with an external accredited laboratory to validate their internal tests, and to carry out checks that can not lead themselves.

Certifications and authorizations

Molino di Ferro SpA is a "authorized factory" by the Ministry of Health, as provided by the Legislative Decree of 27 January 1992 111 (and subsequent amendments). Article 10 provides that the production and packaging of gluten-free products must be made in "factories authorized" by the Ministry of Health. The same rule provides that only food produced in establishments licensed and subject to the notification procedure may label on the packaging the words "gluten-free diet product" (Article 4).

Granting use of the mark "Spiga Barrata" issued by the SBS in cooperation with the Italian Celiac Association (AIC). Our products are GMO-free as per EC Regulation No. 1829 of 2003 and 1830.
In the process of being certified company for BRC, IFS, ISO 9001.
In each box a lot number is indicated to have always monitored the batches tracking card and batches packaging production.

Our HACCP system provides and implements regular analytical checks. "EVERY OPERATOR IN PRODUCTION RECEIVES THE MANUAL: This manual has been prepared in compliance with the Decree Law No. 155/97 and HACCP international standards.

To learn more about the rigorous controls carried out within Molino di Ferro plants go to Quality Control page.

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