La dieta degli sportivi



After the wheat germ, corn has the higher energy intake among the cereals. It contains substances useful to our body because it is rich in lipids, proteins, carbohydrates, sodium, iron, phosphorus, potassium and vitamins A and B, but it is also much lighter than other cereals having the advantage of being naturally gluten-free.

A good corn pasta is perfectly suited to the diet of an athlete, both in training and in competition, providing him with all the energy he needs, with no heaviness. 


Celiac disease and its symptoms are even more burdensome for an athlete. Celiac disease causes a reduced absorption of important nutrients, which are essential in training and in competitive sports. 
In an athlete these vitamin deficiencies can strongly affect sports performance and concentration and mood of the subject.

Does this mean that anyone who has celiac disease can not follow a sporting career? Not at all!
The celiac athlete can achieve excellent results through a diet that includes the right foods, strictly gluten-free.

Molino di Ferro products are completely gluten-free and thanks to their light weight and high digestibility, they are ideal not only for athletes who suffer from celiac disease but for everyone involved in sports at recreational or competitive level.

Made with pre-cooked corn flour, rich in starch (fractions with slow-release), carotenoids and amino acid leucine.

 "Le Veneziane" pasta is a valuable food in support of cyclists, both in training and preparation to the race."

Dott.ssa Maria Rosaria D'Isanto
Nutritionist - Specialist in
Food Science


Sports and Molino di Ferro

Molino di Ferro is close to those who practice sport and appreciate the lightness of its products.

Through a sponsorship that goes on for a long time, the company has approached the world of youth cycling linking its name by the exuberant activity of Giorgione of Castelfranco Veneto, a company with a long history and great champions.

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