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To stay healthy you need to select foods with care, creating a varied diet rich in fiber, vegetables and carbohydrates.
Molino di Ferro products contribute to a healthy diet being light, completely free of gluten, prepared with pure corn meal.
The therapeutic properties of corn have been known for long time: corn offers a rich source of folate, a substance that must be consumed daily as necessary for the proper functioning of DNA and RNA, the building blocks of life.
The presence of folate in corn makes it particularly suitable during periods of rapid growth, particularly indicated for infants and pregnant women, who require high doses of folic acid.

Corn is a good source of thiamine (vitamin B1), which helps to keep in good shape the activities of brain cells involved in cognitive tasks. Take corn is also good for the eyes, thanks to the presence of beta carotene and folic acid, which retard age-related eye degeneration.

Vitamin B12 and folic acid play a preventive action against anemia caused by iron deficiency. Those who have digestive problems may find an ally in corn and its insoluble fiber. The high number of fiber also slows the absorption of sugars and helps maintaining low levels of glucose in the blood.

Maize also slows the activity of the thyroid gland and acts as a regulator of metabolic functions.
Wheat germ contains an oil which has a positive effect against cholesterol in the blood.

In particular, the polenta can play, in the presence of bad eating habits, a dietary function, helping to reduce the spread of atherosclerosis and related diseases.

Many are the beneficial properties of corn, an natural ally to keep in shape, with taste and lightness!

Corn pasta and polenta should be in the diet not only of people with gluten intolerance, but of all those who are health conscious and want to stay in shape and light!

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The nutritionist's advice: Le Veneziane, energy reserves di mais Le Veneziane

"The calorific value of diet gluten free pasta “Le Veneziane" (345 Kcal/100 g) can be attributed mostly to the high carbohydrate content (77.75 g/100 g) and to a lesser extent to other nutrients. The use of precooked corn flour, combined with low fat content (only 0.71 g/100 g) modulates positively the time of permanence of dough in the stomach, making it suitable for athletes who need to make significant stocks of energy. The total share of starch (an average of 84.78% w / w) is greater than the content of starch contained in common wheat pasta. The starch is, in the human diet in physiological conditions, the main source of carbohydrates. The procedures used in the production of Le Veneziane engage the formation of special slow-release fractions of starch; this causes a decrease in glycemic acid.

The presence of antioxidants such as carotenoids, particularly zeaxanthin (typical only of corn) and the essential amino acid leucine, add nutritional value to the correct diet of the cyclist, subjected to extended physical effort. Leucine has the characteristic of being metabolized even outside the liver, in particular  in the muscles where, not only provides material to repair and increase muscle tissue, but can also provide “emergency energy reserves”. The diet pasta "Le Veneziane", for its special processing and the nutritional composition, is therefore a valuable food in support of athletes subjected to prolonged efforts (the cyclist first of all), for their training and preparation to the race."

Dott.ssa Maria Rosaria D'Isanto
Nutritionist - Specialist in
Food Science

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