Dinner guests at the last minute? There is no need to worry, “Le Veneziane” corn pasta won’t let you down!

Your friends know it by now, at your place there is always something good to eat.

So, as usual, they text you… they’re in the neighborhood… and they’re going to drop by for dinner.

Panic! Absolutely not! as usual you will overcome the challenge!

Do you have any corn pasta “Le Veneziane” in your pantry? Any tomato sauce or fresh cherry tomatoes? Some “Le Veneziane” Pesto alla Genovese sauce?

If the answer is yes, you’re saved! Now relax and proceed with the execution of this delicious main course.

Let’s start with the prepping of the sauce. On a chopping board cut the cherry tomatoes or, if you prefer, use the tomato sauce, pour it in a nonstick pan and heat it up. If you are using the cherry tomatoes, after having roughly chopped them up, sear them with some extra virgin olive oil. Add the “Le Veneziane” Pesto alla Genovese sauce. Let it cook on low heat.

Let’s move on to the gluten-free corn pasta “Le Veneziane”: our most valiant ally in the kitchen.

Firstly, always keep in mind the mathematical rule for the perfect pasta: for every 100 grams (or 0.22 pounds) of pasta you need a liter of water. This is a basic rule for a top-notch cooking.

Take a large cooking pot and boil the water. Salt the water and add your favorite shape of gluten-free corn pasta “Le Veneziane” which range from Penne and Gnocchi Rigati to Eliche and Fettucce. Stir every now and then while always being careful of the cooking time.

Drain the pasta and toss it in the pan with the sauce. For an even more outstanding result, here’s one last tip, water it down with a spoonful of pasta water. Stir to get everything to blend together.

Plate it, add some grated cheese, a couple of leaves of fresh basil, serve and enjoy!


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