Penne rigate Pasta with radicchio and speck

penne senza glutine radicchio e speckWe thank Laura from Treviso, who shared with us her favorite recipe: Penne Rigate with red radicchio and speck. Obviously ....gluten free penne pasta, Molino iron;-)

Ready to make it? We confess ....we love radicchio ... as our Company is located in the Treviso, but at the same time we guarantee you that this recipe is really a delicacy. We tested it for you!

Let's start with the preparation of the sauce. Doses are calculated for four people.

Take 400 grams of red radicchio. Clean it thoroughly. On a cutting board, cut into strips radicchio. Now take a pan, pour extra virgin olive oil, onion (previously chopped into small pieces) and radicchio. Dry the onion and radish. In this fist time add 100 grams of diced bacon (at the grocery store, find the gluten-free version) and cook until the bacon becomes crispy nice.

Let's move to the queen of gluten free pasta: "Le Veneziane" Molino di Ferro.
Take a large pot, a saucepan and bring to a boil the water. Add salt and pour the Penne Rigate "Le Veneziane". Stir occasionally, being careful to follow the cooking time.

Drain the pasta, and pour into the pan containing the sauce. Stir to mix well. If you wish, add the pepper and the grated cheese and serve.

Do you like this recipe? We are curious to know your first favorite dish. We are waiting for your!

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