For a different cocktail party: Mushrooms fried with corn flour

Have you ever thought about the "Instant Polenta" Molino di Ferro only as a great side dish? Wrong!

Its corn flour is ideal for breading fish fillets, slices of meat, vegetables, previously dipped in milk or beaten egg.

Today we choose the Porcini mushrooms. In a few easy steps, you'll make a delicious and tasty appetizer for your friends.

Start by cleaning and cutting into slices of medium thickness chapels and stems of our mushrooms. Get out of your pantry a package of yellow "Instant Polenta" Molino di Ferro and pour the flour into a bowl large enough.

The sequences are very simple: Dip the mushrooms in the corn meal, so they are covered completions, due to the thread, and then let them fry in hot oil until they become crispy. For a lighter version, we preferred not to use either the egg or milk. They are delicious without it.

Once fried, equip yourself with a paper towel to remove excess oil. Add salt and pepper to taste.

Happy cocktail party with your friends!

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