lasagne senza glutine - Molino di Ferro

pasta biologica senza glutine le Asolane Bioprodotto senza glutine certificato Molino di FerroGluten free Lasagne.

Oven-ready gluten free, egg-free Lasagne.

Gluten-free lasagne "Le Venetiane", your precious allies in the kitchen. Egg-free and gluten-free, our lasagne do not require pre-cooking, and should be placed directly in the pan, alternate to favorite sauce, and bake immediately.

Prepared with fresh ingredients and high quality gluten free lasagne "Le Veneziane" are suitable for the whole family.


Gluten free, egg free, and with a rough surface which retains the condiments.
The "The Venetian" lasagne allow you to bring to the table a dish tasty and inviting.

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