biscotti senza glutine molino di ferro

biscotti senza glutine le veneziane molino di ferroGluten free biscuits.

Le Veneziane gluten free biscuits, small crunchy delights.

Molino di Ferro presents its new selection of Le Veneziane gluten-free Biscuits in three delicious flavours: cocoa and hazelnuts for chocolate lovers, with coconut for more refined palates and with berris, perfect for a relaxing afternoon break.

This new collection of gluten free biscuits is remarkable for the quality of the raw ingredients used and the skill of the master confectioners, who have transformed these biscuits into real pastries..

Gluten free biscuits "Le Veneziane": small crunchy delights that can be enjoyed from breakfast through to the evening dessert.


biscotti senza glutine

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