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The grain of corn used by Molino di Ferro comes from domestic suppliers that guarantee, with the certificates required by the law, the absence of gluten and GMO, genetically modified organisms.

The selection of suppliers is therefore upstream of the production process, out of "doors" of the company.

Only certified suppliers (constantly monitored by the internal laboratory and various external laboratories) to ensure always the highest quality of each raw material.

Once discharged the grain in the mill, it is subjected to further control steps to eliminate any residual gluten and toxins. The first step is through the specific machines: optical sorting to the cleaners.

Only after these steps the corn is ground. The corn flour is steamed and dried to ensure only true instant corn flour for polenta ready in a few seconds.

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All these production steps occur in the most absolute respect for the "secrets resulting from the experience of five generations of millers" who day after day have improved the quality of the flour, always respecting high quality standards and in particular the traditional taste of polenta, "good as home-made ".
Flagship and starting point of the entire company history.

The flour produced from the mill is the basis for all the company products. With our corn Molino di Ferro produces the gluten free corn diet pasta. The flour is mixed in mixers (latest generation machines, subject to constant checks to ensure the highest quality standards).
After that the dough is extruded to make the different shapes of gluten free corn pasta, Le Veneziane and Le Asolane.

Follows a phase of slow drying as tradition dictates, to guarantee a great taste and exceptional cooking.
The pasta is then stored in silos before being packed daily.

Each package contains a lot of production: in this way Molino di Ferro is able to ensure a perfect traceability of each product.

With the flour we produce not only pasta but also the gluten-free biscuits Le Veneziane: small crispy pleasures in 3 different variations of taste, coconut, chocolate and nuts and berries.


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