condimenti senza glutine Molino di Ferro

condimenti e sughi senza glutineGluten free condiments and sauces Molino di Ferro.

The traditional Italian sauces, gluten free.

Molino di Ferro, producer of Italy’s leading gluten free pasta , “Le Veneziane” , has enriched its range with three new exciting gluten free sauces. Prepared using only the finest ingredients, these sauces completely encapture the taste of Mediterranean cooking.

To not forget the taste of a typical Mediterranean dish of pasta.


sugo al basiligo senza glutine
Tomato sauce with basil
Ingredients: tomato* (83%), sunflower seeds oil*, carrot*, basil* (2%), onion*, celery*, salt, acidity regulator: citric acid.

sugo al basiligo senza glutine
Pesto with fresh basil
Ingredients: basil (50%), olive oil (39%), cashew nuts, cheese 5% (Grana cheese, Pecorino cheese, and other cheese), pine nuts, garlic, salt, acidity regulator: lactic acid.

sugo al basiligo senza glutine
Bolognese sauce
Ingredients: tomatoes (55.86%), Beef meat (11%), pork meat (9%), tomato paste (8%), carrot (5.5%), onion (4.9%), olive oil (4.38%), celery (2.74%), salt, spices and aromatic herbs (rosemary, laurel, nut- meg), wine, pepper.

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